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Elizabeth M. Williams was lucky enough to be born into a family of Sicilian heritage in New Orleans.  She grew up eating in two great culinary traditions. She is the founder and former President & CEO of the National Food & Beverage Foundation in New Orleans, which includes the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, The Museum of the American Cocktail, Pacific Food & Beverage Museum, the John & Bonnie Boyd Hospitality & Culinary Library, and the National Culinary Heritage Register.  Much of her research and writing centers on the legal, policy, and cultural issues related to food and foodways.  

A graduate of Louisiana State University (BA, English) and Louisiana State University Law Center (JD) she has served in the U.S. Army as a Judge Advocate General (JAG).  She has practiced law in Washington, DC and Louisiana. She has written many articles for a variety of magazines and journals, has served as judge in many cooking competitions, has consulted and been engaged to do speaking domestically and internationally on the food of the New Orleans area and the rise of food museums and the interest in food culture. Travel is an excuse to eat in new places.

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