Food Museums

Interested in starting your own food museum? Liz has been instrumental in personally opening several museums with her work in the National Food & Beverage Foundation. She has worked with several other organizations around the country, through every stage of development, from concept to initial funding ideas to curatorial decisions. Contact her for more information. 

Food Policy

In a former life, Liz was a ... lawyer, an occupation that gave her a passion for understanding and influencing policy. Food policy is an area that affects nearly every aspect of modern life, but most of us are unaware of the impact of legislation and rulings on our daily meal. Liz is available for consultations, thoughtful articles, and advice.


The main thread that ties Liz's background together is a true desire to share what she knows about food, drink, and culture, and to educate a variety of audiences on these subjects. Liz is available for public talks, as a panelist, a guest lecturer, and much more. 

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